April 7, 2016


Saosin Releases New Video With Vocalist Anthony Green: Watch

Saosin, which recently reunited with founding frontman Anthony Green, is back with its first new album in seven years. The heroes of early screamo premiered the lead single from its forthcoming LP Along The Shadow in an interview with Noisey today (April 6). Watch the video for "Racing Toward a Red Light" above.  

Also present in the Noisey interview is a deep examination of Green's relationship with drug addiction—an affliction that he recently kicked. Green, who's been the frontman of Circa Survive since 2004, is off heroin now, and leading Saosin, which he helped found in 2003. Needless to say he's pretty psyched about re-joining the band of his youth, but admits that staying sober is a struggle: 

"It's way better for me on all levels to be living like this as opposed to living as a functioning user. I'm way happier. But that being said, it's something that on a daily basis I'm reminded of and I'm dealing with. And it's not even that. I eat like a junkie. I try to eat healthy but then I splurge and I fucking go crazy and I can't just have a cheeseburger, I have to have three cheeseburgers and french fries, two different milkshakes. It's the same thing with sex. So, I love it. I love my life and I love being alive. I love being a father, I love being an artist. And it's all stuff that really suffered when I was using."

After peeping the video, make sure to check out Fuse's interview with Green, which glosses over a little Saosin history, and explains why his return to the group took over a decade to happen.