April 27, 2016


Saosin Returns With 'Control and the Urge to Pray' Video: Watch

Saosin is on the cusp of releasing its first album in seven years, after having recently reunited with founding vocalist Anthony Green, and released the video for "Control and the Urge to Pray" on Wednesday (April 27). The newest single from the band's forthcoming album Along the Shadow, "Control and the Urge to Pray" is an exciting taste of what's expected to be a gnarly record. Watch video of the band displaying their mightiest shred-abilities above. 

Anthony Green has discussed publicly his reasons for leaving the band after its successful 2004 debut EP, Translating the Name, and expounded on some of the misconceptions surrounding his departure in an interview with Fuse earlier this month:

"There was no interpersonal conflict. We all got along pretty well. I was young. I don't think I knew how to be a good friend to people. A lot of things got thrown out there about why I left. It was a lot of, 'They're going to a major label,' and 'They didn't get along that well.' The big thing was that I was just scared. I was scared of committing. I thought that if I was going to commit myself to working on something, it would be with people I knew better. That was kind of a cop-out at the time, when I look back."

Twelve years later, and the band is looking ahead. Earlier this month, the band released its first single from Along the Shadows, another blistering single called "Racing Toward a Red Light." The video for that song also shows the band playing their guts out in a rehearsal space. You can watch it here.