April 8, 2016


Stephen Colbert Worries These New 'Star Wars' Movies Are Coming Too Fast: Video

Stephen Colbert is one of our preeminent Star Wars nerds. On Thursday night's Late Show, his 15-second breakdown of the mouthwatering Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer was as complete and witty as any blogger's best effort. But it wasn't pure celebration.

"The movie comes out in December, and I cannot wait," Colbert said. "My only issue is: Shouldn't I have to wait? I'm used to waiting 10 years for a new Star Wars movie—20 for a good one!"

The prequels, pwned yet again. But it's also Disney and Lucasfilm's intense plan to release annual Star Wars flicks into infinity that's getting a little pwned here. Colbert is just as excited as we are for Episode VIII, the Han Solo origin story, Episode IX and the Boba Fett standalone movie—all real, all in that order starting in 2017. But he's also nervous we're sliding down a slippery Hoth sledding hill, one that leads to movies like "the VH1 Behind the Music: Cantina Band." He also takes a shot at the potential descent into titling insanity, ruminating on Rogue One 2: Episode III.

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