April 1, 2016


'Suicide Squad' Undergoing Expensive Reshoots To Add More Jokes: Report

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

In the wake of a huge DC film property being panned for being way too serious, another DC film property is reportedly being given  a hasty facelift prior to its release. Suicide Squad is apparently being given reshoots just a few months ahead of its August release, in order to deliver a not-too-gritty touch to viewers.

According to Birth.Movies.Death, Warner Bros. is reshooting scenes from Suicide Squad as recently as this week, in an effort to add more "humor and lightness" into the film. The reshoots are reportedly costing tens of millions of dollars for being so late in the game.

The move makes sense given recent history. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  won big at the box office but was widely derided for being humorless. Meanwhile, Deadpool earned high marks for being particularly funny upon its February release, and became the highest-grossing R-rated film ever.

Suicide Squad, starring Jared Leto and Will Smith, will hit theaters on Aug. 5. Another massive DC franchise, Justice League, will begin shooting with Zack Snyder at the helm later this month.