April 22, 2016


Syfy Announces Superman Prequel Show ‘Krypton’


Plans for David S. Goyer’s proposed Superman prequel Krypton have been in development since 2014, but Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Syfy is close to finalizing a deal for the TV series. 

Damian Kindler will be serving as both the showrunner and as one of its executive producers alongside Goyer. The pilot will be directed by Colm McCarthy, who previously directed episodes of the historical-fiction crime drama Peaky Blinders.

Set in the DC Comics universe, Krypton takes place two generations before Superman’s home planet is destroyed. The series follows Superman’s grandfather, whose family is shunned, as he attempts to regain his family's honor and most likely save the world.

Goyer previously wrote Man of Steel and co-penned the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Goyer and Kindler are rewriting the original pilot's script that was worked on by Goyer and Ian Goldberg.  

Previously, Warner Bros. ran the successful Superman prequel TV series Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons and ended in 2011.