April 6, 2016


Taylor Swift Boosts Drake & Future's 'Jumpman' Sales By 431 Percent

Apple via Taylor Swift (@taylorswift on Twitter)
Apple via Taylor Swift (@taylorswift on Twitter)

Who knew that all you had to do was fall off a treadmill to boost sales? Taylor Swift's lovably clumsy ad for Apple Music debuted last week with Drake and Future's What a Time to Be Alive track "Jumpman" front and center. And now, it looks like the song is getting an uptick in sales. Coincidence???

Since the Apple Music spot aired last week, "Jumpman" has seen a 431 percent increase in sales on iTunes, Adweek reports.

The playlist that was featured in the ad, #Gymflow, has grown by 325 percent. Apple will not disclose how many subscriptions they've received since the ad.

The ad itself has been viewed 20 million times on Facebook and Instagram. Shout-out to the power of Swift!

Swift is set to appear in two more spots in the coming weeks. Here's to all the smaller artists out there hoping their song might be featured.