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Teen Takeover Week

These 10 Teen Social Media Stars Are The Future

Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine (RIP)—that's where you'll fine the latest and greatest teen talents. See who's changing the game now

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Lauren Giraldo, 19

Birthday: January 11, 1998

Why She's The Future: Lauren Giraldo's fame was birthed from Vine, but was already exploding on other realms of social media before the six-second video service was shuttered—nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers and 640,000 Instagram followers don't lie. When she was getting her start, Giraldo boasted a Vine following in the multimillions with the hilarious Miami native now producing television and embarking on a singing career.

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Bretman Rock, 18

Birthday: July 31, 1998

Why He's The Future: Want to learn how to do your makeup like the stars? You might search for a Kardashian tutorial on YouTube. Want to learn how to do your makeup like the stars and be completely entertained the entire time? You definitely want to visit Hawaiian teen Bretman Rock's YouTube channel. A subscriber base of 1.4 million supporters aren't wrong when we say the only danger of his comedy is that you might crack up mid-vid and ruin that almost perfect contour. 

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Alexis Isabel Moncada, 18

Birthday: August 16, 1998

Why She's The Future: Alexis is definitely the odd woman out on this list, but in the best way possible. We first learned of her awesomeness from a few articles she wrote for NYLON, most notably a post titled What Young Latinas Have To Gain From Feminism. A little digging revealed she's massively popular online and around Twitter and is the wunderkind behind the site Feminist Culture. If you're going to be 'net celeb, we hope you do it the way Alexis does it!

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Alexis G. Zall, 18

Birthday: June 6, 1998

Why She's The Future: If you're reading this, and you love YouTube, you're probably familiar with one Shane Dawson. We don't think it would be incorrect to describe Zall as something of his protege: they've worked together on a number of projects. But at this point, Alexis is definitely holding it down on her own. She has her own podcast, Zall Good With Alexis G. Zall, but her real talent is found on the video platform. Just watch any one of her almost overwhelmingly honest clips and you'll see what we mean.

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Big Nik, 18

Birthday: September 11, 1998

Why He's The Future: Big Nik's story is a really inspiring one. He has a form of dwarfism that leaves him hospitalized and in need of many, many surgeries—and often. There's even a People.com video series about it. Instead of giving into the mundanity and boredom of sitting in a hospital room all day, Big Nik took to Vine and Instagram and became a celebrity, making the best of his frequent immobility. Three million Vine followers and 750,000 YouTube subscribers from just being yourself? Sounds pretty good to us. 

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Hayes Grier, 16

Birthday: June 8, 2000

Why He's The Future: One of the youngest voices on this list, Hayes Grier is kind of lucky...he comes from a legacy of social media celebrity. We first learned of the guy from his older brother and Vine superstar Nash Grier, who was definitely one of the most popular names on the platform. It quickly became evident that Hayes had star talent, too. In fact, he has an incredible following on multiple platforms including 5.8 million on Instagram and 3.7 million on Twitter. The people have spoken!

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Jay Versace, 19

Birthday: January 24, 1998

Why He's The Future: The Fader declared him "The Funniest Teenager on the Internet" and a look on any of his accounts will tell you. While he initially broke out with three million followers on Vine, he's translated that to other platforms for longer-form videos that he posts on Instagram (where he has 1.9 million followers), Twitter (464,000 followers) and YouTube (330,000 followers). You gotta give the people what they want!

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Jonah Marais, 18

Birthday: June 16, 1998

Why He's The Future: At this time last yearJonah was one of the newer Vine celebs, though he's already done a lot: in 2014, he appeared along side Nash Grier and other mega-social-star Cameron Dallas at Digitour, a large performance-conference thing boasting of the biggest (and usually, youngest) names in the field of social media superstardom. He's now working hard towards YouTube fame.

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Madison Beer, 18

Birthday: March 5, 1999

Why She's The Future: Madison Beer is usually described as being Justin Bieber's protege, and we agree with the title. She exploded instantaneously, as is the culture now, when Biebs tweeted a video of her singing. Soon after, she signed to Island Records. The video that broke her career was a cover of Etta James' "At Last," which you can view above.

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Tez Mengestu, 19

Birthday: July 5, 1997

Why He's The Future: We've covered a lot of ground here, but most of these teen talents were birthed from Vine or YouTube. Tez Mengestu's story best lives on Instagram and his 383,000 followers are totally right in admiring the guy. He's pretty hilarious, taking full advantage of Insta's video feature. He's now looking into modeling which, you know, makes sense.

Fuse is celebrating Teen Takeover Week right now! Stay tuned for lists, interviews and videos all week and be sure to tune in to our Teen Takeover music video block on Fuse on Friday morning, April 28 at 9:30/8:30c. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

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