April 21, 2016


The All-American Rejects Are Back in The Studio, Says Tyson Ritter

Tyson Ritter—everyone's favorite dreamy-eyed rocker and frontman of the All-American Rejects—announced today that his band his back in the studio and recording. Ritter dropped the news this afternoon, revealing on Twitter that the band is occupying the same studio that folk-duo The Carpenters once used during their heyday in the '70s. 

As the Carpenters were a magical brother-sister group that both died prematurely, Ritter says the Rejects are going to channel some of their vibes:

Ritter's tweet was directed at former My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. While there's no indication that the two might be linking up for some kind of all-star collab, the duo do air-out their emo bromance on social media every now and then. It's likely that Ritter just wanted to let Way know that Karen Carpenter will be watching over his band's recording sessions. 

The All-American Rejects have not released a full-length record since 2012's Kids in the Street. There is no word, as of yet, on whether the band is working on a new record.