April 29, 2016


Watch The Roots' Black Thought Spit 'Game of Thrones' Rap on 'Tonight Show'

If the premiere of Game of Thrones season six left you confused as to what's actually happening in Westeros, allow Black Thought of The Roots to rehash what's transpired with what he does best, a rap. 

On Wednesday night (April 27), the MC and Tonight Show band leader delivered a lyrical primer on all Thrones happenings, dropping searing bars about the death of John Snow and all facets of last week's episode. Watch the clip above, which features a disarming exchange between the MC and Jimmy Fallon before the rhyming begins. Warning: these raps are riddled with spoilers. 

This isn't the first time Black Thought—real name Tariq Trotter—has spit verses inspired by Thrones on the Tonight ShowRolling Stone reminds us that he's an avowed Thrones follower, and did the exact same thing last year when he recapped some events from season 5. Now, if only all episodes in the show's (supposed) final chapter could be revisited with a rap primer.