April 13, 2016


Shirt Commemorates The Story So Far Singer Attacking Woman

Fuck an Apology
Fuck an Apology

Yesterday popular pop-punk band The Story So Far made headlines in media circles beyond their insular scene. The reason was bleak: footage of frontman Parker Cannon jump-kicking a female fan offstage at a recent gig surfaced. It's not the first time Cannon has done this, either—the singer did the same thing to a male fan in June 2015. You can watch video of both attacks here.

The new incident quickly became a greater conversation about violence against women in this sort of Warped Tour–leaning world and people are angry. Well, everyone except the Brit behind this Fxck An Apology Big Cartel page, which offers a shirt (above) commemorating the brutality.

The shirt depicts lyrics from the band's song "High Regard" reading "Fuck an apology / I'm not sorry for anything"; its also got a shoe print and the band's initials. The piece of cloth trash can be yours for £15, you know, if you happened to be a garbage human. 

If you would like to not be a garbage human, read this essay the incident, and for Pete's sake, protect women in pop-punk.