April 29, 2016


Tom DeLonge on Blink-182: 'We Do Have A Future': Read the New Statement

Chiaki Nozu/WireImage
Chiaki Nozu/WireImage

Unless you've been living under a rock the last 48 hours, you know Blink-182 is back with a new single, "Bored to Death." It's their first track without founding member Tom DeLonge, their first with new member Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame. It's pretty great and you should listen to it. 

Because so much is happening at once, DeLonge has released a statement about the band. It follows a recent Rolling Stone profile on the guy wherein Tom declares that he is still in Blink, he's just not doing that stuff right now.

Hi everybody-

I understand all the craziness out there in Internet-land, it is an odd time for fans of the Blink-182 legacy, I know- It's odd for me, too.

Well, I met with Mark yesterday, and Travis the week before.... I actually talk to Travis almost every day, now.

The answer is this:  We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things. I am directing a movie this summer, releasing a couple more albums of music and digging deeper into my Sekret Machines Project with the US DOD.

I know people are comparing the Angels and Airwaves Chasing Shadows EP to the new Blink-182 music, and that is a failed task. We are different people after different things. For one, I think having a song-writer that came in on the Blink album (Feldy- 5 Seconds of Summer, Good Charlotte) was something they felt was necessary, and that in itself may be an indicator of some of our current artistic differences that are difficult to overcome. At the time, I was recording the song NEW WORLD (on the DEMOS album titled after my own name) and that was my personal opinion of where we could possibly take Blink for the next album. But we are at different places in our minds, careers and goals, I get it.

But that said, I obviously want them to make the music they wish. I have always been thankful for them in my life, but I am a forward thinking artist, and sometimes that leads me down a different path- That is why I have done other projects like: Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves- LOVE 1 & 2, AND The Dream Walker etc... 

I look forward to my upcoming adventures, and a hell of a lot more...

....Maybe even a bit of Blink-182 if we can build back that "special something" that was once there.

While we have you, revisit a Fuse interview with Blink-182 from 2004 where the band talks about Alkaline Trio. Crazy, right?