April 20, 2016


VIXX Go Lighter But Stay Edgy With 'Dynamite' Single & Video

VIXX solidified themselves on the K-pop scene with a slew of story-driven, dark-tinged concepts and singles seen in releases like "Voodoo Doll," "Error" and last year's "Chained Up." For their latest release, the boy band looks to evolve by somewhat brightening their image while keeping their edgy style with the new single "Dynamite."

The track opens strong by showcasing the band's signature gritty style with a slick house-inspired beat, mysterious saxophones and their punchy delivery as they talk about taking shots with a girl. But the chorus switches up the vibe, trading the sultry sounds for bubblegum-y hooks mixed with blasts of peppy brass. It isn't the first time VIXX has taken a break and gone straight-forward pop (2013's "G.R.8.U." came out after the dark "Hyde" and "Voodoo Doll," and was one of the best boy band singles of the year), but it feels like VIXX couldn't totally decide if they were going to go light or dark so they wound up in somewhere in-between when we know they could have gone so much more creative.

The music video is a nice visual accompaniment to the track as the guys don lighter colors and clothes than we're used to seeing them in, but there is still an aura of mystique about them. VIXX's leader N rocks a turquoise suit as the Eye of Providence (a.k.a. the all-seeing eye) is drawn on his hand while the members are singing and dancing in all types of sets; some boasting fluorescent lights while others are dimly lit and smoky. It's an impressive visual with the guys rocking some of the sharpest choreography of their career, but like the song also feels confused on what it's projecting.

"Dynamite" is the lead single off VIXX's new EP titled Zelos, which boasts two more pop-leaning tracks, "Six Feet Under" and "Badbye." VIXX's label Jellyfish Entertainment tells Fuse Zelos is the first of three albums VIXX has planned for this year as part of an overall trilogy release.

Watch the concept film for Zelos below and stream the EP on Apple Music now.