April 27, 2016


Watch Nas & J-Dilla's Psychedelic Video for 'The Sickness'

After being held in legal purgatory for 15 years, J-Dilla's posthumous vocal LP, The Diary, was released earlier this month. The first single from Jay-Dee's long awaited album is "The Sickness," and it's a fierce banger that sees the rapper/producer trade some fiery bars with Nas before a psychedelic backdrop. Check out the video above, and pretend you're not peering down a kaleidoscope in the process. 

The Diary is the sixth posthumous album culled from the immense log of hidden tracks and beats Dilla left behind after his death in 2006. The album was originally slated for a release in 2002, but as Rolling Stone notes, MCA Records delayed its arrival, citing legal issues with sample clearances. 

"The Sickness" was produced by Madlib, and the maestro's energetic beat is enlivened by director Ruffmercy's video, which feels like an optical illusion at times: Between the two rappers matching each other's intricate flows, it's enough to want another six Dilla records, if not more. 

Watch below to see artists pay tribute to Dilla's Donuts: