May 7, 2016


Video: AC/DC Prepare for Tour With Guns N’ Roses Singer Axl Rose

Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses will be taking center stage with AC/DC as they start their European tour. The singer’s debut comes with a lot of trepidation from AC/DC fans after their lead singer, Brian Johnson, was forced to step down due to the risk of total deafness. In a video clip on Facebook, via Rolling Stone, with Axl Rose, Angus Young and Cliff Williams, Rose says: “I want to do right by the band and do right by their fans.”

This Saturday, May 7, kicks off AC/DCs European tour starting in Lisbon, Portugal. The band has been practicing a lot with Rose who says jokingly, “Now I know the benefits of rehearsals for the first time in my life.” The singer seems genuinely impressed by the bands momentum in rehearsal alone, and in front of a live audience it can only get better.

We look forward to seeing what happens when AC/DC and Axl Rose take the stage. Will Rose be able to live up to Johnson's rocking vocals?

Speculation about whether or not Rose will stay on with AC/DC in the future, puts a lot of pressure on the outcome of the 2016 European and U.S. tours. In Axl Rose's first interview in five years, Rose told BBC 6 Music via Loudwire, “I’m in if they want me in, and we’ll sort it out.” The singer acknowledges that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves until the tour finishes.