May 29, 2016


'Alice Through the Looking Glass' Bombs on Opening Weekend

Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube
Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube

Disney's demented take on Alice in Wonderland released this weekend with a resounding commercial thud. The Wrap notes that Alice Through The Looking Glass fell remarkably short of box office projections, netting only $28 million of what was expected to be north of the 60 million range. 

The flop only heaps more scrutiny on Johnny Depp, who faces fresh charges of domestic abuse and a restraining order from his wife Amber Heard.

But the accusations against Depp—which range from generally lousy to outright volatile—haven't necessarily been a crucial factor in the movie's paltry opening weekend. As Paul Dergarabedian, a senior analyst at ComScore told The Wrap:

“The personal life drama or controversies of the talent involved [in a film] — no matter how unfortunate — historically has had no discernible or measurable effect on box office...generally, audiences base their moviegoing decisions on its inherent appeal and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.”

Marketing aside, Depp is currently clapping back against allegations that he's an abuser: Yesterday, the actor's attorney, Laura Wasser, said that Heard is “attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse," in a statement.