May 11, 2016


Andy Samberg's Fake Pop Star Does 'I'm So Humble' With Adam Levine on 'The Voice': Video

The Voice has seen some incredibly talented and popular guest hosts in its five years on the air, usually the type to get the contestants at least a little starstruck. But the GRAMMY-winning, chart-topping, not-at-all-real Conner4Real? The fake pop star protagonist of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, the Lonely Island movie coming in a few weeks? Next level.

Before we get into his stint as a key advisor, watch Andy Samberg's Conner4Real team up with Voice judge Adam Levine to sing their Song of the Summer candidate, "I'm So Humble." (There's a studio version, too.)

Andy Samberg's in-character appearance as advisor—embedded below—featured takes on the latest smashes by Zayn "Sexy Little Baby" Malik and Beyoncé. He also slung some shade at Justin Timberlake. One fun fact revealed in advance of the mocku-rockumentary flick: Conner4Real's discography includes an album called Thriller, Also.

The Voice contestants managed the subtle shift from reality TV to faux documentary like pros. The segment was perfectly naked about its promotional nature, too. 

"There's so many people that watch this show," Conner4Real admits, "that I just thought, 'How great would it be to come here and give back and also try and, y'know, sell the shit out of that," with "that" being the movie and its corresponding album.