May 16, 2016


AOA Embody 'Baywatch' for Empowering 'Good Luck' Single

Since breaking out in early 2014, AOA has become the go-to act for top-notch concepts, and do not disappoint with its latest for "Good Luck."

The title track off their new EP, "Good Luck" is a brassy, slow-burning pop track that marks the group's first track without K-pop hitmaker Brave Brothers since 2014's "Miniskirt." It's a nice change for the group, which is boasting a fresh-feeling sound to showcase new textures of their voices, along with a confident new attitude. 

While their past releases saw them singing lovelorn lyrics trying to satisfy a dude, AOA's tune has changed, as they boast, "I'm the heroine / You are an extra boy," along with the catchy "Girls! Girls! On top!" hook. We really dig the girl-power theme.

"Good Luck" also sees the group embodying the iconic red bathing suit look from Baywatch as the septet play beach resort lifeguards, which also plays off the empowering theme set in the lyrics. One has to be strong and powerful to be a lifeguard and, while of course there's a hint of sex appeal in the look, ultimately it continues the narrative of the girls being on top. (Also, can we get a cameo of them in the upcoming Baywatch movie?!)

Good Luck is AOA's new EP and might be their strongest to date. The EP boasts strong album cuts like the '90s-inspired dance jam "10 Seconds," the '60s-influenced "Cherry Pop," the racing and emotional "Crazy Boy," plus the pleasant ballad "Still Falls the Rain" that closes the record. You can stream the EP via Apple Music.

Listen to Fuse's new K-pop podcast K-Stop discuss AOA Cream's recent debut at the 16:15 mark on a recent episode below: