May 14, 2016


Azealia Banks Writes on Mental Health & Responds to Zayn Comments

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

This week has not been good for Azealia Banks. After going after Zayn Malik on Twitter calling him racial slurs, Banks was suspended from the site. Following that social media disaster, Rinse FM proceeded to cancel her show at the U.K. festival Born & Bred. 

Since her Twitter ban, Banks has gone to Instagram to air her grievances. She expressed her feelings in a brief essay where she spoke about mental health and clarified her comments aimed at Zayn. She wrote: 

I'm not blaming anyone or anything for any of my actions but I think it's really important to for people outside of us (black folk) to understand the detrimental effects of whiteness and white supremacy/white cultural pervasiveness on black peoples MENTAL HEALTH as a whole and the MENTAL HEALTH of black individual herself."

“Zayn feeling as though he's too good to acknowledge me, yet not too good to STEAL and copy my art is fucking HURTFUL,” Banks added. Responding to her earlier comments toward the former One Direction member, she wrote. “Calling him racial slurs was my way of trying to angrily remind him that he is in fact not one of them, he is one of US.” 

Read both parts below.