May 11, 2016


Azealia Banks' Latest Twitter Victim Is Zayn Malik

Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images
Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images

The latest victim of Azealia Bank's tirade-spewing Twitter feed is Zayn Malik. On Tuesday evening (May 10), the Harlem rapper took to social media, accusing Malik of extensively borrowing—or completely stealing—some of her work in his latest video for the single "Like I Would," which released less than a day prior. 

It's only the most recent of profanity-laced vitriolic rants from Banks, whose name frequently threatens to become more synonymous with slandering people online than with her actual music

Banks initially called Zayn out on Instagram, using a collage of mirror images from the "Like I Would" visual and her own 2014 video for "Chasing Time." She noted that the similarities weren't a big deal though, being that Malik is a "cutie pie" and all.

As Malik wanted to avoid any childish confrontation—The Daily Mail notes that the former One Direction member's video took more cues from Tron than anything else—he responded to the accusations on Twitter, but managed to only taunt Banks more. 

Then things got out of hand, and Bank's feed soon swarmed with a deluge of horribly racist and terrible things to call another human being. 

Warning, it gets vile! 

The situation continued to devolve—Banks got into it with Malik's fans, who came to the singer's defenses—and then, predictably, the rapper started trending on Twitter, fanning the flames of the abhorrent and unnecessary spectacle. 

While all of this unfolds, Zayn's "Like I Would" video sails on unscathed, having racked up over 1.2 million views since it dropped yesterday (May 9).