May 12, 2016


Babymetal Respond to Rob Zombie Support

Rob Zombie on Facebook
Rob Zombie on Facebook

A few days ago, metal icon Rob Zombie found himself needing to defend the most exciting voice in his genre, Japanese trio Babymetal, to his own fans. The story is something of folklore now: Rob posted a photo with the young ladies, his fans immediately insulted them as artists (and, consequently, Zombie's taste) and the guy shut them down.

It was pretty perfect—mad props to Rob for shutting down the institutionalized misogyny that runs rampant in rock music—and on Tuesday (May 10), Babymetal have responded to the kindness.

Babymetal wrote on Facebook:

“Thank you Rob! The Spirit of HEAVY METAL traversed across the World, rose above language barriers, went beyond generations and created countless legends. See you again at Northern Invasion!”

See the post here. When you're done, learn how to cosplay as Babymetal right here. Then watch Babymetal talk about their new album Metal Resistance and recording a song in English below: