May 16, 2016


Bea Miller Gives Update on Second Album, Talks Touring with Selena Gomez: Interview

Anna Webber/Getty Images for DigiTour Media
Anna Webber/Getty Images for DigiTour Media

Bea Miller is following up the 2015 release of her debut album Not an Apology with an especially busy 2016: Along with opening for Selena Gomez on the Revival Tour, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter is done writing her sophomore album, and tells Fuse that she hopes to release it “as soon as we can.”

As a special treat for fans, Miller will release “Yes Girl,” an emotional new mid-tempo song, this Friday (May 20) as a preview of her in-the-works full-length. Written with Ilsey and Pop & Oak, the beguiling track hints at the more complex pop sound coming on her next LP.

“I wanted to combine a live aspect, live instruments, with programmed instruments, in a way that nobody really does in pop music, at least not right now,” said Miller during a call late last week. “I wanted to come up with something that was really original and true to me. Oak was the first person, out of all the producers I’ve worked with, to capture that immediately. It was this whole new feeling. 

“I called the A&R from my label and said, ‘This song completely captures how I feel lyrically and musically,’” she continues. “It has live drums, live bass and live guitar, and also has programmed instruments, and it melds together evenly and fluidly. I knew instantaneously that this was the song I was looking for.”

Miller says she’s penned all of the tunes she needs for her second album on Hollywood Records, and just needs to flesh out the words right now. 

“I still have to do the final vocals on a couple songs, because a lot of them are just demo vocals I did on the day that we wrote them,” she explains. “And the production needs to be finalized on a few songs. We already have a good handful of them completely finished. Now it’s just a process of putting them all together.”

In the meantime, Miller is having a blast on tour with Gomez, where she gets to showcase the songs on Not an Apology—which scored a Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 chart last July—to arena crowds.

“People seem to be really excited when I walk out on stage to do ‘Young Blood,’ which is my first song, and 'Fire N Gold' at the end,” she says. “I didn’t expect as many people to sing along as they do!”

Miller just kicked off the live run on May 6; how much has she learned from Gomez so far? “I actually haven’t met her yet!" Miller admits. "She is very busy, but she did send me flowers on the first night of the tour, which was really, really sweet of her. I’m looking forward to [meeting her].”