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The 13 Best Girl Group Songs of 2016 (So Far)

Fifth Harmony have the biggest song from a girl group in a decade, but there's loads of gems that have been released throughout the world this year too. Who's your favorite?

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Fifth Harmony, "Work From Home"

Fifth Harmony's smash single—currently at No. 5 on the Hot 100—not only was the act's most mature offering to date, but marked the first girl group in a decade to have a Top 5 hit since the Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons" was released in 2006. The quintet's new 7/27 makes good on the promise "Work From Home" indicated, but there's also loads more girl groups who are releasing smashes just as hot as 5H. 

With 7/27 set to shake up the charts this week, check out the other girl-group releases that are just as worth of your attention.

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Little Mix, "Hair" featuring Sean Paul

The British girl group hyped up their Get Weird album with this buzz track last summer, but a rework featuring Sean Paul just brought this quirky gem to future smash status. The dancehall star's cameo worked well with the buzzing production and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Plus, it's the best use of a cash-register ding since M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes."

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​4Minute, "Hate"

What happens when Skrillex gets into the K-pop game? 4Minute got the EDM prince to co-produce their single that blended melancholy pop croonings with a beat that you'd hear on a Jack U single. The listening experience is jarring at first, but it won't be long until you add this to your gym playlist.

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AOA, "Good Luck"

The saxophone trend isn't over! The septet delivered a sexy summer jam with "Good Luck." The track has a healthy dose of girl power (they chant, "Girls! Girls on top! I'm on the top!") and big vocals (get ready for some crazy runs by song's end) that always makes for a girl-group hit.

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All Saints, "This Is a War"

Back in the day, the closest competitors the Spice Girls had were All Saints. To celebrate their 15-year anniversary, the quartet reunited and released the pristine Red Flag album. Second single "This Is a War" isn't just a standout for its smooth-yet-fiery composition, but for the doubling as an anthem towards the gay rights movement. The gay community has long been one of girl groups' biggest advocates and lines like "If I gotta right to be loved and to love then this is a war" certainly hit close to the heart.

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Oh My Girl, "Windy Day"

Those who listen to rising octet know Oh My Girl have delivered experimental smashes in the past, and "Windy Day" is perhaps one of the year's most unexpected girl group releases. The song opens as a sweet, synth-pop tune before its chorus turns into a J-pop-esque cheer anthem until. The girls flip the track on the its head and dive into a Middle Eastern-inspired dance breakdown. Somehow, it all works.

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I.O.I, "Hip Song"

I.O.I will be your favorite girl group for 2016 and that's all you get. The 11-member act was created on South Korean reality show Produce 101 that saw 101 K-pop stars training at different records competing for a spot in the group. Before disbanding back to their different labels in January 2017, the group will promote together for a year and those promotions have included this addictive funk-dance cover of Korean dance tune "Hip Song" originally by Banana Girl. We like their anthemic single "Dream Girls," but "Hip Song" is a smash with its reworked production that moves from feel-good pop to half-time trap beats.

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O'G3NE, "Take the Money and Run"

O'G3NE is a Dutch group made up of sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol who won the 2014 season of The Voice of Holland, making them the first trio to ever win any iteration of the series. Their latest release "Take the Money and Run" recalls the same sassy, funky work of early Little Mix and their tight harmonies are also on point.

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​Brave Girls, "Deepened"

Melancholy material isn't the easiest area for girl groups to conquer, but when they do the results are stunning. Take long-underrated K-pop act Brave Girls who turned the hip-hop-oriented "Deepened" into a battle of emotions. The girls move from whispering, "I deserve better," before belting that they're "thirsty for your love."

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Serebro, "ОТПУСТИ МЕНЯ (Let Me Go)"

Much has been made about the Russian girl group's over-the-top style since after they earned international attention for viral videos like "Mi Mi Mi" and "Mama Lover." But there's no denying "ОТПУСТИ МЕНЯ" (which translates to "Let Me Go") is one of the must lush dance recordings of the year. 

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Perfume, "Flash"

Japan's techno-pop trio have been on the cusp of an international breakout for a minute and "Flash" is one of their best bets with its wholly accessible electronic-house sound that wouldn't be out of place at an EDM set during the summer festival season.

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Ladies' Code, "Galaxy"

Ladies' Code made international headlines for a fatal car crash in 2015 that saw them losing two members. The remaining three members did away with their original funk-pop sound and delivered a mature, R&B sound for their comeback track to stunning results. 

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Dal Shabet, "Someone Like U"

An '80s-tinged gem, "Someone Like You" is a confection for pop and girl-group fans dream about.

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