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The 10 Most Underrated Disney Channel Movies

Take a look back at 10 that deserve a second watch

1 / 10

'Motocrossed' (2001)

Motocrossed was a badass story about breaking gender norms. It centers on Andrea, a motocross fanatic who has to watch her twin brother race from the sidelines because, according to her dad, she's "just a girl." When her brother gets an injury that takes him out of the races, Andrea and her mom develop a plan to have her secretly race (and win!) among the boys. Through it all, Andrea even gets the boy. 

Fun fact: Motocrossed is also a loose adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. This DCOM wins for its progressive themes and for honoring classic literature. –Jeff Benjamin

2 / 10

'Smart House' (1999)

All Disney films end on some sort of positive note, right? But there's some conflict along the way? 1999's Smart House feels particularly dystopic, which is why it remains one of our fave flicks. In it, a family finds their lives turned upside down with their futuristic house turns on them…and attempts to fill the role of their late mother. We won't spoil it for you—this is definitely a must watch. Maria Sherman

3 / 10

'Get a Clue' (2002)

Before the Mean Girls whirlwind that impacted pop culture in 2004, Lindsay Lohan scored Disney fame among tweens with Get a Clue. LiLo stars as the very fashionable Lexy Gold in the film, where she and friends play undercover detectives the disappearance of one of her teachers. From the mystery behind the teacher’s whereabouts to the super cool gadgets and an embezzlement subplot, this movie will give you all the inspiration you need to become an investigative journalist. –Bianca Gracie

4 / 10

'Jump In' (2007)

Let us not forget the High School Musical star Corbin Bleu as a probable boxing champ who happens to be good at double dutch too. Izzy Daniels (Bleu) had to make a tough decision while holding on to his masculinity in this one because well, competitive jump roping is not something your everyday teenage boy can pull off. Keke Palmer (yes, the Keke Palmer!) plays sweetheart Mary Thomas and gives her crush, Izzy, the courage to follow his heart regardless of his father’s ambitions and his friend’s criticism. Amissa Pitter

5 / 10

'Right on Track' (2003)

Beverly Mitchell and Brie Larson (yeah, the Brie that won an OSCAR this year) play the real-life Enders sisters. Erica Enders started racing when she was eight and became a stock car racing champion. Right on Track was awesome because a) it was based on a true story and b) it made car racing a lot cooler as a kid. Emilee Lindner

6 / 10

'Twitches' (2005)

Honestly, who doesn’t love a great movie about teen witches? Tia and Tamera Mowry play twin sisters who use their newly discovered magic witch powers to cast spells, fend off The Darkness and save their homeland. Yes, it might sound cheesy, but Twitches scored a sequel just two years later! –Bianca Gracie

7 / 10

'Stuck in the Suburbs' (2004)

Obsessive lovers of pop artists have this movie to thank, as it brought the idea of modern fandom to life. Starring Disney Channel vets Danielle Panabaker as Brittany Aarons and Brenda Song as Natasha Kwon-Schwartz, the two friends' boring suburban lives get a jolt of excitement once the mega-hot pop star Jordan Cahill (SNL’s Taran Killam) comes to town! Aside from the hilarious plot of the girls accidentally taking his treasured cellphone, the film actually tells a sad story of the pressure singers are under (we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber). –Bianca Gracie

8 / 10

'The Adventures of Food Boy' (2008)

The very premise of this film should've canonized it: Food Boy is a star student at his high school when he decides to, you know, try something new. For some reason that new thing is "eating disgusting things," something he excels at…until food starts shooting out of his hands at the most inconvenient times. That's when the fun begins! How could you not want to watch this movie? –Maria Sherman

9 / 10

'The Thirteenth Year' (1999)

After his 13th birthday, Cody turns into a mermaid. Well, merman. What about this doesn’t seem awesome to you? —Emilee Lindner

10 / 10

'The Color of Friendship' (2000)

Some might say this DCOM classic isn't underrated at all. I mean, it won an Emmy for crying out loud. But The Color of Friendship was a very important film for the time and touched on race issues in a way that was more than accessible to young viewers. If there was ever a time to start re-airing this on Disney Channel, now would be the time (hint hint). –Jeff Benjamin


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