May 14, 2016


Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Brought Tidal 1.2 Million New Subscribers

Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage
Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage

Beyoncé's Lemonade is a brilliant opus, and it's an important album that's proven to be priceless for the streaming service that premiered it.

The New York Times broke the Lemonade numbers down, which were provided by Tidal, specifically noting how it was such an asset as the streaming wars—against Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms—are getting intense. Bey's choice to exclusively stream Lemonade on Tidal wasn't surprising given that she's a co-owner of the service her husband, Jay Z, purchased in 2015; what does cause a few eyebrows to spike is the insane number of people who signed up for Tidal, either for full memberships or trial runs, in the week following Lemonade's release.

According to the data, 1.2 million users signed up for Tidal to hear Lemonade and watch its vids, which is nuts given how Tidal counted 3 million users, total, in its ranks back in March.

The Times goes on to note that Lemonade broke a record with 115 million streams in its first week, one that Drake would later smash with the debut of Views on Apple Music on April 29 after streams passed the mark of 245 million.

Lemonade is a triumph on commercial and streaming terms, sure, but let's not forget that it's also fueling an incredible tour, giving us inspiring (and heartbreaking) lyrics and changing the standard for everything the album as we know it could be. It may be a huge win for Tidal, but it's all in a day's work for Bey.