May 19, 2016


Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains Why Music Is Powerful

You love music. We love music. Ever wonder why everyone loves music? Today we find out...or, at least, get a little closer to an answer. In the above video, we see Bill Nye the Science Guy tackling that age-old question: What makes music so powerful? He begins:

"I remember when I was in school, people in psychology class talked about dogs responding to octaves, that is the doubling of the frequency. There might be something to that, there might be natural resonances that appeal to us, that have something to do with our voices."

He then goes on to detail cultural and traditional tastes, the difference between tonal language speakers and us.

He concludes as only we could expect Bill Nye to conclude:

"I don't know why, but ultimately it's gotta be about trying to attract a mate. It's gotta be what's down in there."

Watch the full clip above. When you're done there, click through our list of the summer concerts you just have to hit up this season.