May 2, 2016


Billy Corgan Threatens Stage-Crasher With Punch in The Face: Watch

Billy Corgan—a rocker not unfamiliar with threatening legal action over music piracy and addressing congress over similar issues—issued a much more physical threat to an unwitting stage-crasher during a Smashing Pumpkins reunion show in Memphis last week. 

While the band ambled through an acoustic cover of The Rolling Stones' "Angie," a bumbling audience member not so gracefully walked on stage and stood next to Corgan, apparently in an attempt to spark some kind of bromance with the singer. Then Corgan, without so much as turning his head to confront the man, snarled: "Get the fuck off my stage before I fucking punch you in the face." Stereogum recently unearthed fan-shot video of the situation above, which unfolds around the 1-minute mark.

The Pumpkins frontman is not one to be trifled with, although he's often doing things—like engaging in pseudo-intellectual banter with noted conspiracy theorists—that might invite petty antagonism.

Currently, he's on tour with an almost completely reunited Pumpkins lineup, playing acoustic versions of their back-catalog hits. The band's current lineup includes original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and has seen founding guitarist James Iha play shows (including one on his birthday!). So far, the group's bassist, D'arcy Wretsky, has said she's been offered the chance to reunite with her old band, but has only "considered" the idea.