May 3, 2016


Watch Bruce Springsteen Do the Whip, Nae Nae and Dab in Concert

Bruce Springsteen showed he’s still got the moves at a concert in Oakland.

As a ritual during “Dancing In The Dark,” Springsteen brings a fan on stage to dance along with him. The New York Daily News picked up that during his The River Tour stop in Oakland, the Boss pulled a young girl from the crowd to join him. Unlike Courtney Cox in the 1984 music video, the young girl began to show Springsteen how to Whip and Nae Nae. This then prompted the 66-year-old rock star to Dab.

Springsteen’s U.S. tour dates for The River Tour just recently ended. He’ll begin to make his way for Europe, where he’ll perform in Spain and make his way around the continent. At his show in Seattle, Springsteen brought out Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder for a performance of “Bobby Jean,” which you can watch here.