May 24, 2016


Candy Hearts’ Mariel Loveland Recounts Physical Assault By Tour Manager

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Earlier today, in a post on Tumblr, Candy Hearts’ Mariel Loveland accused Seaway’s tour manager of physical assault. 

Loveland begins by recounting the almost year-long pattern of emotional abuse by Seaway’s unnamed tour manager, who was also being paid to manage Candy Hearts’ tour. She says that she “finally decided not to take it anymore,” and she gives her account of the ensuing violent encounter: 

“He started throwing things at my head and pushed me, while screaming in my face. He winded me with the stuff he threw at my stomach and I screamed louder to draw attention to him, in the way you sort of are supposed to yell really loud to scare a bear that’s about to kill you.”

In her post, Loveland describes a number of the anxieties that are involved in speaking out against an abuser: 

“I haven’t spoken up earlier because I’m afraid - im afraid I won’t be able to tour in our scene, that no other band full of guys will want to take me out because they view me as a fussy, reckless person who’s more of a problem then she’s worth. Im afraid of everyone having my abuser’s back and not mine, which time has only proved is true. I feel very in it on my own, you know? I just want to tour and I just want to make records.”

Loveland concludes her post by reflecting on silence surrounding the abuse of women in music scenes and communities. “Why does no one stand up for the girls in our scene and make it almost impossible to stand up for ourselves? I’m not saying he should be fired from his job or that I want his life ruined,” she writes. “I’m saying he needs to be held accountable.”

Read Loveland’s full account here.