May 16, 2016


Coldplay Releases Magical ‘Up&Up’ Video: Watch

Coldplay is known for employing visual trickery in its music videos from time to time—who could forget the is-it-backwards-oh-wait-maybe-not wonder of “The Scientist”? The group’s new visual, for A Head Full of Dreams finale “Up&Up,” is designed to lovably mess with your perspective, to the sound of Chris Martin’s pillowy vocals.

Marvel at the sight of popcorn bursting from a volcano, a gymnast backflipping over a forest fire or a scuba diver encountering a massive bird under the sea. Promise us one thing while watching the “Up&Up” video: that you'll never doubt that magic (and a Chris Martin the size of Arizona) is real.

A Head Full of Dreams was released last December, and Coldplay performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in February. Oh, and A Head Full of Dreams might be the last Coldplay album? So does that make this the last Coldplay video? Best to re-watch a few times, then.