May 25, 2016


The Complete Guide to Dashboard Confessional's Comeback Album

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Release Date: TBA 2016

The Buildup

In June 2015, while on tour with Third Eye BlindDashboard Confessional mastermind Chris Carrabba sat down with Entertainment Weekly to promise new DC music, essentially ending the indefinate hiatus he embarked on in 2010. He told the publication:

"It really feels like we’re eager to write, which means there’s probably a new record coming out. Who am I kidding? There’s a new record coming. [This tour has led us to say, ‘All we want to do is tour.’ The next stop comes [new music]...“I need it like I need chocolate and beer. Like I need love and a skateboard and…I just need it.”

The question became when and what will it sound like, Carrabba was eager to add that it's all the delicious emo stuff we crave:

“We will sound like what we sound like. With every record we like to take a step forward. We just make a step forward. You make a record off what you learn on the last tour. I imagine I’ll probably start writing any minute now. I don’t know when it starts to sound like, ‘This is what we want it to sound like.’ For a 12-song record it can be as short as 10 days, or as long as three months, or as long as two years.”

Fast forward to March of 2016, and Taste of Chaos festival (an emo/pop-punk traveling fest once dubbed "winter Warped Tour") returned for the first time since 2010. The lineup was the stuff of mid-aughts glory: Taking Back SundaySaosinthe Early November and, you guessed it, Dashboard Confessional headlining. It got us wondering...will new DC music arrive before the gigs?

In May of 2016, we got a little bit more information. Carrabba sat down with Entertainment Weekly again to give more details:

“I can say I am actively writing and recording new songs for Dashboard Confessional. I don’t have any idea of a release date or a worry about one for that matter but I’m really excited to be doing it because I don’t think it’s ever felt this much like the beginning again.”

He continued:

“No one’s paying attention. No one’s looking over my shoulder to see how the songs are going or when the record’s coming out. There are no notes from anybody. I’m just quietly toiling away like I did on my first album [2000’s 'The Swiss Army Romance']...Something I’ve always written about is the challenging and joys of navigating your way through life.”

He added that he's been “messing around with some friends from our scene," and “wouldn’t be surprised if they made it onto the album.” Perhaps someone from the star-studded Taste of Chaos fest? Carrabba even gave his thoughts on the emo revival, concluding with "We were revived so that term works for me. We literally did go away.”

The Music

On May 19, 2016, Carrabba surprise released "May," the first new Dashboard Confessional song in seven years (yeah, we really waited it out and earned this one.) The song is truly old-school DC, like, 2000’s The Swiss Army Romance-era. We said it once and we'll say it again: the new shit is the good shit is the soon shit, and it validates what Chris has been saying all along...this does sound like vintage Dashboard. His voice is a lot huskier, but if that means millennium-meets-Brian-Fallon-hoarse, we're here for it. Listen to it above.


There's no tracklisting just yet, but we're pretty positive "May" will make an appearance on the new LP.