May 31, 2016


The 10 Best Dashboard Confessional Songs Ever

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Admit it: You had an emo phase where you wore black eyeliner, rocked Vans and routinely cried to the sound of Chris Carrabba singing about ex-lovers. There’s a good chance that an emo kid still lives inside of you and still knows all the words to “Hands Down.” Perhaps you even still watch that one MTV Unplugged episode where Carrabba lets out all of his feels during “Screaming Infidelities”! No judgments— we will wholeheartedly support your Dashboard Confessional fandom. 

With new Dashboard Confessional music on the horizon, we put together a list of the band’s absolutely essential tracks since its start in 2000.

#1“Screaming Infidelities”

Chris Carrabba screaming about a girl’s hair that’s everywhere sounded creepy on the surface, but if you dug deeper into that song, you felt bad for the guy. Some girl cheated on him, broke his heart and allowed him to write the song that became a cult favorite. The MTV Unplugged version of this song is iconic and will go down in history as one of Dashboard Confessional’s greatest performances.

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