May 19, 2016


Dashboard Confessional Reveals 'May,' First New Song in 7 Years: Listen

The Dashboard Confessional reunion is nigh. In June of last year, the brains behind the DC operation, Chris Carrabba, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that a new Dashboard album was in the works and most definitely on the way. Earlier this month he spoke to the same dang publication about how the project is coming along and let us tell ya, the dude seems stoked. 

"I don’t have any idea of a release date or a worry about one for that matter but I’m really excited to be doing it because I don’t think it’s ever felt this much like the beginning again...No one’s paying attention," he told the publication. "No one’s looking over my shoulder to see how the songs are going or when the record’s coming out. There are no notes from anybody. I’m just quietly toiling away like I did on my first album [2000’s The Swiss Army Romance].”

Sound pretty sweet, right? Today Carrabba has given us a taste of the upcoming release: listen to "May" above. It's the first DC song in seven years!

Not only does this confirm that the new shit is the good shit is the soon shit, but it validates what Chris has been saying all along...this does sound like vintage Dashboard. His voice is a lot huskier, but if that means 2000-meets-Brian-Fallon-hoarse, we're here for it.

When you're done pressing repeat on "May" above, flip through our guide to the emo revival. Then watch an old interview with Carrabba from 2013, smack dab in the middle of Dashboard Confessional's once-indefinite hiatus, below.