May 28, 2016


Listen to Deadmau5's Hypnotic New Single 'Snowcone'

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images
Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

He's been an avid Tweeter. He's been touring the festival circuit like a maniac. Hell, he's even driven people around Toronto as a temporary Uber employee. Deadmau5 has been up to plenty, but he hasn't released a speck of new music in ages—until now.

"Snowcone," the DJ/producer's first single in two years, hit Spotify and his label, mau5trap, yesterday. The single comes shortly after his new studio with Razer was all set up, and it's a slow-burning meditation on rhythm, distortion and beats, a calm and compelling listen that's about as chill as his Twitter tirades are, well, not.

Deadmau5, as always, will be spending his summer onstage: He's playing Firefly on June 16, and you can catch him at a number of other festivals both in the U.S. and abroad before Labor Day rolls around. 

Listen to "Snowcone" below, and keep your ears peeled for new Deadmau5 music in the (hopefully!) not-so-distant future.