May 4, 2016


Death Metal Band Dying Fetus Scatter Fan's Ashes At Recent Gig

Courtesy of Relapse Records
Courtesy of Relapse Records

Quick, think of the most metal thing, ever! Your mind might've jumped to the famous moment where Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat or, like, Rammstein frontman Til Lindemann's regular self-immolation. Well, you'd be wrong. Death Metal band Dying Fetus have raised the bar—to death.

After learning that a diehard Fetus fan passed away, the guys decided to honor the late Nick's (no last name given) last have his ashes scattered in the pit of one of DF's gigs.

Yup. Doesn't get more metal than that. After the deed was done the band posted on Facebook, "We just scattered nicks ashes in the pit for his favorite song, 'Homicidal Retribution,' may he RIP. Rest in the pit \m/.”