May 17, 2016


Demi Lovato on Underperforming Singles: 'It Does Not F-cking Matter'

Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Demi Lovato has always been an artist unafraid to stay true to herself, and she continues to speak openly in her new interview with Refinery29. The biggest highlight is the 23-year-old singer revealing what she truly thinks of her former self; prior to her 2011 album Unbroken, the singer was addicted to drugs, had an eating disorder and self-harmed.

Demi stated, “Prior to getting sober, I was one of those people who was like, I don’t give a f-ck, whatever. And I used that as an excuse to do whatever I wanted. I was a nightmare to work with.” She went on to describe that past self as “just bitchy, a c-nt.”

The singer also got real when it came to her latest album, Confident (released last year). She confessed that her two singles, "Confident" and "Cool For The Summer," not hitting No. 1 got to her:

“I was really bummed about it because that’s what I was going for. I got to a point where I was like, Oh my god, it does not f-cking matter. At the end of the day, I’m going to be on tour and I want to be performing songs on stage that I can sing my ass off to and really feelwhen I’m on stage. So now I have a much better sense of my music.”

As for those engagement rumors to longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama? Lovatics, don't hold your breath. “It’s nobody’s business but ours, and when it happens, it happens," the artist said.

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