May 11, 2016


This Desiigner & Radiohead Mash-Up Is Legitimately Thrilling

The Hood Internet is one of the Internet’s most trusted mash-up sources, and their latest concoction reasserts that high reputation. These jokers spliced Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch” up with Desiigner’s viral smash “Panda,” and the result is 1) Called “Burn the Panda” and 2) Incredible.

The best thing about this mash-up is that it isolates the most compelling parts of each song. The racing strings of Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool lead-off, and the utterly quotable hook of Desiigner’s former No. 1 song in the country? They’re so happy together.

Click here to read why Radiohead’s just-released ninth album takes something of a lead from 2007’s In Rainbows, and for those unfamiliar with the Hood Internet, enjoy this mash-up of DMX and the XX (called, of course, “The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya”):