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17 Famous Actors You Didn't Know Were in Disney Channel Movies

From Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting to Jack Black, plenty of stars made early-career stops at the network that gave us 'High School Musical'

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Alan Thicke – 'Not Quite Human' – 1987

Alan Thicke, then of Growing Pains fame, starred in this early Disney Channel movie, which follows a scientist's journey after he creates an android teenager.

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Jack Black – 'Airborne' – 1993

A then-unknown Jack Black plays a classmate in Airbourne, a story about a Cali kid forced to live in Cincinnati. Seth Green also has a role.

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Elisabeth Moss – 'Escape to Witch Mountain' – 1995

Kid Peggy Olson plays Anna, a psychic twin running from an evil tycoon.

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Katherine Heigl – 'Wish Upon a Star' – 1996

Katherine Heigl's character switches bodies with her little sister and learns to love her family in this classic campy gem.

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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting – 'Alley Cats Strike!' – 1999

Before she was Penny on The Big Bang Theory, she played Elisa in a movie about a jock trying to coexist with the nerds on the bowling team.

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Camilla Belle – 'Rip Girls' – 2000

A young Camilla Bella stars in this film about a family that moves to Hawaii.

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Frankie Muniz – 'Miracle in Lane 2' – 2000

Frankie Muniz was just getting started with his Malcolm in the Middle fame when he got another role in this Disney Channel Original about racing. The cool part is that he actually became a racer after his acting career.

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America Ferrera – 'Gotta Kick it Up!' – 2002

America Ferrera is completely lovable in this movie about a middle school dance team.

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Mischa Barton and Jared Padalecki – 'A Ring of Endless Light' - 2002

The O.C. and Gilmore Girls stars crossed paths in A Ring of Endless Light, where Mischa Barton's character connects with dolphins.

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Kat Dennings – 'The Scream Team' – 2002

Ian and Claire have to save their grandfather's spirit from a bunch of wacky ghosts in this 2002 movie.

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Brie Larson – 'Right on Track' – 2003

Academy Award–winner Brie Larson and Beverly Mitchell are the Enders sisters in this 2003 racing tale.

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Taran Killam – 'Stuck in the Suburbs' – 2004

The Saturday Night Live star played a pop star who loses his phone.

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Keke Palmer – 'Jump In!' – 2007

Keke Palmer introduces Corbin Bleu to jump-roping in Jump In! Get it? Jump. In. Like jump rope.

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Selena Gomez – 'Princess Protection Program' – 2009

Selena Gomez joined her Barney & Friends pal Demi Lovato, who was already Disney famous in a story about a princes and a town girl forced to be friends.

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Zendaya, Bella Thorne – 'Frenemies' - 2012

Zendaya and Bella Throne broke out with Frenemies and also starred in Shake It Up! together.

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