May 1, 2016


The Dixie Chicks Cover Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’

The Dixie Chicks had a special surprise in store at their Manchester concert on Saturday night (April 30). The trio performed the Beyoncé song with most country twang: “Daddy Lessons,” off her most recent visual album Lemonade

The cover started off well, even with Natalie Maines missing her cue. ”Alright, hold the phone,” she joked after briefly forgetting the melody. “I already messed this whole thing up.”

The cover comes after a bit of controversy in the country community, when CMT posted an article titled "What's So Country About Beyonce?". If there was any question about the tune, surely the Dixie Chicks have put them to rest.

The Dixie Chicks will be returning to North America with a summer tour that begins early June and will last the rest of the season. In fall of 2015, the country superstars performed a rendition of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” which you can check out here

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