May 20, 2016


DJ Khaled 'Getting Closer' to Beyoncé Collab, Teases Anthemic Jay Z & Drake Tracks

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Before he was Ariana Huffington's date at the White House and unofficial CEO of SnapchatDJ Khaled was hip-hop's greatest ringleader. And he still is, because #wethebestforever and because #anotherone. His upcoming Major Key album is going to feature—get comfortable, this'll take a minute, as it always does with Khaled roll calls—Lil WayneBig SeanTravis ScottRick RossChris Brown, August Alsina and possibly Kanye West. "I’m making every record one of the biggest anthems," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "I’m the king of anthems.”

Also definitely on there: Jay Z and Future collaboration that's been getting hyped for the past month. "Gone f$ck da Summer up," Future tweeted. "Jigga is going very very very Krazy in a major way...Marcy Projects flow." It won't be a "Pop Style," back-for-two-bars situation, either: Khaled says Hov's there for two full verses. He also says:

“You’re going to have amazing records with me and Drake on there. It’s going to be unbelievable. I’ve got records, with an ‘s,’ with me and Drake—I want to make sure I clarify that.”

Khaled would also like to work with Beyoncé, for whom he's masterfully opening on the Formation Tour. He recently admitted he's super intimidated by Her Highness, but he's working through it, telling EW:

“I’m just getting closer and closer, but at the same time I’m scared to even ask her. I don’t know how to maneuver this. So what I’ve been doing is showing her how passionate I am on stage and ripping it down.”

Major Key is "gonna drop soon come, like literally soon." Khaled's also giving us "some gems early just so you all know I’m super serious. There’s a lot more hidden gems.” His last album, I Changed a Lot, just dropped in October '15 after a two-year wait. There were more than 40 features on it. Forty.

Watch Khaled tell Fuse about his gold slugs below: