May 25, 2016


LAYNE Premiere: Watch The Moody New Video for 'Good'

Let us be the first to tell you: we're living in a post-Halsey, post-Lorde, dystopic pop world and we're not complaining. LAYNE might not be a household name just yet, but chances are you've stumbled upon the single "Good." In two weeks the track has scored 600,000 plays on Spotify, grabbing a spot on the Billboard Spotify Viral 50.

The sound is soft and dark, as is the dimly light music video Fuse is premiering above. At the heart of "Good" is a tale of love and loneliness. The video serves to drive the message home with slow-moving, delicate city shots of the band.

Frontwoman Layne Putnam of the band shared the following statement:

"'Good' is a song about finding the ‘togetherness' between two people who feel so alone. Who live in "the dark" but find each other in that place. It's a giant comparison between the person Who I found was as lonely as I was and an environment of sorts that I created in my head."

Watch the video above. When you're done, flip through our list of the 25 summer tours you've just gotta hit up this season.