May 24, 2016


Exclusive Premiere: Watch Somos' Somber 'Problem Child' Video

Recently we here at Fuse haven't been able to shut up about a particular new wave of emo, the kind of acts who are taking a seemingly antiquated musical form and making it inclusive. We're talking about the Hotelier, Modern BaseballSorority Noise and the like. Today we add Boston's Somos to the list.

The band excels at writing hard-soft-fast songs about certain introspective experiences. We're happy to premiere their latest video for the single "Problem Child," a tune about ambition and pressure.

The song itself has real simplistic depth and the video mirrors that mentality. It's entirely black and white, most of the moments are live shots of the band performing in a small living room. It really forces you to play attention to the narrative at play.

Frontman Michael Fiorentino shared the following statement about the song and video:

"Song writing is at times a very arduous and draining process. Most of our songs are the products of a whole series of edits and revisions, both musically and lyrically. This was not the case for 'Problem Child.' [Guitarist] Phil [Haggerty] sent me a demo of the verse and chorus, and I wrote the entire melody and most of the lyrics in five minutes. That's really never happened to us before, and it was a very rewarding feeling. 

We actually shot the video in the house Justin and I live in. We were brainstorming a bunch of different settings, and finally thought, "why not just do it where we live?" I think we were able to get more comfortable as a result, and the director Erik Rojas really killed it."

Watch it above. When you're done, take our quiz: How Emo Are You?