May 23, 2016


Where To Best Follow Your Favorite Artist on Social Media

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There’s a time and place to lurk on celebrities… but you need to know the right place. Certain artists show more of themselves on one social media platform as opposed to another; perhaps one platform is utilized more for publicity, while another is to show off their goofy side. 

And the thing is, we can discern certain things about our favorite artists because of that preference. DJ Khaled has become a household name, at least within the bedrooms of millennials, because of his ways on Snapchat, which isn’t the same as how he e-lives on his Instagram account. But where can you find the superstars? From Kanye West (by way of Kim Kardashian-West) to Rihanna to Justin Bieber, here are a few suggestions on the best platforms to visit if you want to see your favorite artist at their realest.

Beyoncé: Beyoncé is everywhere, in our minds as we grind, in our strength as we break our ex’s belongings, and in our ears as we sing in the shower. But Instagram is where you can *actually* see Beyoncé more than other social media platforms. She tweets once in a blue moon, but she posts photos of herself smooching her daughter Blue Ivy, showcasing her stage stamina, globetrotting and prancing around in a new favorite bathing suit (which may or may not feature her legs photoshopped). And right when you think Bey just loves smelling lemons, she turns around and drops an album that she hinted at in that same photo.

Kanye West: While ‘Ye’s rants on Twitter have now become a signature of his online persona as much as IRL, Kim Kardashian-West’s Snapchat account is where you can find ‘Ye in his truest form: posing in front of expensive sports cars, racing against Kim Kardashian then gloating when winning, and dancing to his own music. None of the acts I mentioned are surprising, but seeing him do all of this, and not caring if others will see, brings me pure joy.

Drake: Drake reportedly has a secret Snapchat account that only an elite few know about. Until we find out the account and bombard him, we have his Instagram account to creep on or hate on his move to shave off his beard. Drake mostly lives on his Instagram account as opposed to Twitter, where he mostly promotes work or hints on upcoming work. (Shout out to the love lost between Drake and Meek Mill.) Drake’s Instagram account features Drake co-signing music acts, laughing at memes of himself, being cute with his mom and recording at the studio in t-shirts paying homage to the late Aaliyah (duh) and Selena Quintanilla.

Britney Spears: The best thing that could’ve happened to Instagram is Britney Spears. Brit Brit is the most carefree, down-to-earth-but-still-celebrity celebrity on the social media platform. She embarrasses the hell out of her kids, posts relevant memes that we can all relate to, and uploads selfies that she doesn’t crop awkwardly or think too much about where to take.

Nicki Minaj: Minaj switches up her social media presence, venting and calling out her ex-boyfriend Safaree and talking directly to her fans on Twitter to posting mushy photos of her and her boo, rapper Meek Mill on Instagram. If you’re in dire need of thirst traps, though, Instagram is the place for your creepy self. Either on Twitter or Instagram, Minaj is totally herself and candid on all platforms, so it’s a win-win.

Rihanna: If you want to spend a day with Rihanna, Snapchat is where you should be at. She switches back and forth from taking control of the view to letting someone else (at times her BFF Melissa Forde) follow her moves. There’s a range of snaps, from candid shots of Rih cooking up an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner, to face-swapping with George Washington while throwing up a few ones, to twerking to her favorite music, which obviously includes her own.

Justin Bieber: Instagram is the best social media to see what’s really up with Bieber, like his obsession with Ryan Gosling, his new hair styles, or when he shits on news outlets for taking his words out of context. My personal favorite moments on Bieber’s Instagram are when he’s emo and posts #tbt photos of him and his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The best part is that they’re usually on random days of the week, not even just on Thursdays, years after after breaking up. (Let her be, Justin.)