May 5, 2016


Former Disney Child Star Joey Cramer Arrested for Canada Bank Robbery

Sunshine Coast RCMP
Sunshine Coast RCMP

The news of former child stars getting into trouble never fails, and the latest actor to get caught up with the law is Disney star Joey Cramer. According to The Coast Reporter, the 42-year-old has been arrested and charged with robbing a Scotiabank in British Columbia.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police states the former actor wore a wig as a disguise when he reportedly robbed the bank for an undisclosed amount of money. Cramer first got his taste of fame in 1986, when he played the lead in Disney film Flight of the Navigator. He also appeared in a few episodes of Murder She Wrote.

RCMP Constable Harrison Mohr told Reporter,

“Despite the fact that a disguise was used during the robbery, the suspect was quickly identified by some of our officers, who had recently dealt with him on an unrelated matter. We hope that the community feels safer now that the suspect has been apprehended.”

This arrest follows a 2011 incident where Cramer was wanted by the RCMP for "altering the name and/or the amount of cheques before cashing them at local financial institutions." He is now being held in custody.