May 22, 2016


Watch Fred Armisen Star in This Gory 'Dead Poets Society' Parody on 'Saturday Night Live'

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen returned to the show last night (May 21) to host the 41st season finale. Among a slew of sketches that recalled the comedian's once notable presence on the show was a parody of a culminating scene from Dead Poet's Society. SNL's take on the scene is a slow-build, and one that mirrors the film almost verbatim until things get remarkably gory and out of hand. Watch it above, and trust that maximum bloodshed will soon engulf the screen. 

Armisen was joined by a glut of former cast members and regular guests, including Andy Samberg—who unveiled a new Lonely Island digital short—and Larry David, who donned his Bernie Sanders impersonation during a late-night, passive-aggressive confrontation with Hillary Clinton. Watch that one below, in which Sanders confirms a la David that his worst nightmare "is waiting in line for over an hour at Lens Crafters," and see the two adversaries rejoice over the 2016 primary elections, which they cheerfully acknowledge are "rigged."