Rack of comic books and toys for sale at a flea market. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

Free Comic Book Day is almost here! The event will go down on Saturday, May 7 in your local comic book store and on Monday, May 9 online. We've rounded up a batch of 10 publishers' free comics you can look forward to getting your hands on, so let's get right into it. Happy collecting! Support your favorite comic shop!

From Dark Horse Comics:

From Viz Media
Pokémon Pocket Comics 
One-Punch Man 
My Hero Academia

From Oni Press
Junior Braves

MARVEL, DC Comics, Dark Horse

From Marvel Comics:
Captain America Steve Rogers #1 
Civil War II

From Archie Comics
Archie #1
Sonic Sampler

From Udon Entertainment
Street Fighter V

Udon Entertainment, Benitez Productions, VIZ MEDIA

From DC Comics
Suicide Squad

From Hermes Press
Phantom 80th Anniversary

From Valiant Entertainment
4001 AD Special 

From Benitez Productions
Lady Mechanika

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