May 9, 2016


Grimes Aims for New Pop Heights With 'California' Video: Watch

Grimes is 4-for-4 when it comes to her Art Angels videos. Following the must-watch visuals for "Realiti," "Flesh Without Blood" and "Kill v. Maim," the indie-pop star is back with another captivating clip that gets colored with her wild style.

Watch above as Grimes dons a slew of distinctive looks, some of which recall a high school aesthetic (at times she's serving us looks we'll call "quirky art student" and "fashion-forward rhythmic gymnast"), and others that remind us of a bizarre sideshow (look out for her patriotic onepiece that would make Dolly Parton proud).

Equally as notable as the looks in "California" is the new mix we can hear paired with it. The song has a slicker pop feel to it, which could indicate Grimes & co. have larger Top 40 plans for the song.

Watch Grimes explain the difference between Art Angels and her breakout album Visions below: