June 2, 2016


The Complete Guide to Harry Styles' Solo Music

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage


Sept. 2016 — Harry Styles gets three different covers of Another Man, and his cover story is done by Paul McCartney, who reportedly shares a PR agency with Harry (Dawbell), and Chelsea Handler. He also helps curate the content inside. In the interview, Styles says that a One Direction reunion should happen naturally:

"When we started people always asked, 'Where do you think you’ll be in five years?' It’s a difficult question to answer. I would never say we’ll never do anything ever again but it’s good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again but it’ll be better if it happens naturally like, 'Hey, we all really want to do this again.' If that were to happen it would be amazing. I would never rule that out. It’s the most important, greatest thing that ever happened to me, being in that band. It completely changed my life."

Here are the covers:


June 2013 — In 2013, rumors of a Harry Styles solo project swirled as One Direction were prepping their third album, Midnight Memories. A song that Styles had recorded with his friend Sam McCarthy bubbled up online, really making Directioners go wild with rumor. "Don't Let Me Go" is a slow ballad with a rolling piano line, lyrical cliches and Styles' heartfelt vocals.

Feb. 2015 — Ever heard of a guy named Mick Greenberg? Because you’ve been hearing his music for quite some time. Harry’s songwriting code name has multiple song titles attached to it on ASCAP’s song credit database. Not only has Harry written for Ariana Grande and Alex & Sierra, but he has worked for Dan Layus of Augustana and Gavin DeGraw. Fans began to piece together that Mick Greenburg was Harry in February of 2015, two years after Styles revealed in an interview that he sometimes checks into hotels under the name Mick Green.

Dec. 2015 — While he has racked up tons of credits as a songwriter, until recently, Styles’ solo performer tab on ASCAP was blank. But in December, four new titles were registered: “5378 Miles,” “Already Home,” “Coco” and “Endlessly.” As Billboard points out, registering songs with ASCAP doesn't not necessarily mean they will be released.

Feb. 2016 — Harry signs with new management, CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff, son of industry veteran Irving Azoff, leaving Modest! behind. In a report from The Sun, the new team plans to put out a solo debut by "this time next year." So, Feb. 2017? Harry? ...Eh?

In February, when asked if he would work with Harry, the legendary Mark Ronson (behind Amy Winehouse's Back to Black and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk!") says, "Yes, absolutely. He seems like he has something genuine to say.”

March 2016 — Simon Cowell, who helped put One Direction together on 2010's X Factor, says a Styles solo project likely won't be expedited. "He'll work out what kind of record he wants to make because he's got great taste - which is always a help," Cowell tells Billboard. "All the writers and producers want to work with him, understandably, but he probably won't rush into it."

May 2016 — Do an ASCAP search today, and the only solo performer credit Harry has is for a ditty called “Little Boat” written with Ainsley Smart, a little-known, mysterious singer/rapper who apparently left her Sony contract and now has an album coming out in the fall. She confirmed that “Little Boat” would be on her album. She also reportedly wrote a song called “Easy” with Harry.

In mid-May, Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid spoke up about working with Harry and the type of music he'll release, saying, "I think the world is going to be really shocked at what he comes up with."

June 2016 — Styles signed a solo recording contract with Columbia on June 23.

Aug. 2016 — The trailer for Dunkirk, the Christopher Nolan-direction World War I film in which Styles will make his acting debut, comes out, but Harry is no where to be seen.


Johnny McDaid: The Snow Patrol frontman says that most of what they've written together was recorded in a make-shift living room situation. "It'll blow the socks off the world," McDaid said.

Dan Layus: Harry is credited with writing 18 songs with the Augustana frontman. However, those songs have yet to see the light.

Ainsley Smart?: The singer has Harry Styles duets coming on her upcoming record, but perhaps they cooked something up for Harry as well.

Ryan Tedder: "Last time I was in London I had this thing set up at the Corinthia Hotel, it was amazing," the OneRepublic frontman told BBC's Nick Grimshaw in May. "I had Ed Sheeran in there, we were writing for him, Harry Styles came through. It was this revolving door and everyone I had in there, I thought, 'I prefer this to working in a studio.'"

Ed Sheeran: See above. Also, Sheeran has written for One Direction before, so it wouldn't be surprising if they have another project in the works.


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