May 16, 2016


Hatebreed Scatters Fan's Ashes at Cleveland Concert

This weekend while performing in Cleveland, metal greats Hatebreed scattered the ashes of a deceased fan. It was the request of the late Dennis Guyot and the band was happy to oblige. 

Hatebreed posted the image of Guyot's ashes on Facebook above with the following caption:

"RIP Dennis Guyot. His wish to have his ashes spread out on the #HATEBREED stage last night in Cleveland. We did it and dedicated As Diehard As They Come to him! A true Hatebreed diehard in life & death!! Photo from @jameyjasta's snapchat"

You might recall that just last week Dying Fetus, too, scattered the ashes of a fan who passed. Is this a trend?

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