May 23, 2016


Japanese Pop Star Mayu Tomita Stabbed by Fan Multiple Times

Mayu Tomita (@tomitamayu on Twitter)
Mayu Tomita (@tomitamayu on Twitter)

Japanese pop star Mayu Tomita is currently in critical condition after a male fan stabbed her more than two dozen times on Saturday, May 20. The Japan Times identified the man as Tomohiro Iwazaki, who attacked the 20-year-old singer with a knife after she reportedly refused to accept his gift.

Tomita, who had a performance scheduled in Koganei in western Toyko the night of the attack, suffered injuries in the neck and chest. As of now, she has not regained consciousness. The Metropolitan Police Department said Iwazaki, 27, was a stalker who Tomita suspected had been sending her multiple messages on Twitter and her blog. 

“It would be radical to kill just because (someone was) rejected by a girl,” one of the messages dated March 15 allegedly said. The singer previously filed a complaint about the stalking to the authorities.

Iwazaki reportedly admitted to the attack and told the police, “I ambushed her at the station and asked her [about the gift]. I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer."

The unfortunate news follows the May 2014 attack of Japanese girl group AKB48 by a man with a saw during a meet-and-greet. The suspect, named Satoru Umeda, was later sentenced to six years in prison.