May 5, 2016


Jennifer Lopez Goes Country With Jennifer Nettles on 'My House' Duet: Listen

Getty Images
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez has gone country. That's right, the pop star may have a steel guitar playing under her in her new duet with Jennifer Nettles, but her message is still strong: she's all about love and family. (Don't worry—she's still about booty too, but she doesn't sing about it in this song.)

On the upbeat joint, Nettles invites J.Lo into her house, despite their differences. She's Jenny from the dirt road, while Lopez is Jenny from the block. Nettles' boys shoot deer while Lopez's boys shoot hoops. Nettles likes to sing; J.Lo likes to dance. You see how it goes.

Yet they all have dirty dishes in common. "We're not that different," they harmonize.

Listen to the heartwarming track below, and then go hug your neighbor.